Through Lead X™ we are launching a new category Sales Management software. We have called the category Lead Management 360™:

• We take a 360-degree perspective on Lead Capturing, Converting and Closing

• We do this through breaking down traditional organizational silos

• We ensure a tighter corporation between Marketing and Sales

• We include channel sales in the day to day activities

• We involve silos like Delivery, Service, Support, Staff etc. in Lead Capturing activities

• Through Lead X™ we ensure an accurate handover of leads to Sales

By capturing more leads internally and externally, the cost per lead is reduced and revenues increased. We also ensure better and more coordinated account management internally and externally.


LEAD X™ 1.0 Mobile User Interface

Lead X™ 1.0 is a mobile based Lead Management Platform. We support both Android and IOS devices, and we offer integration with market leading CRM systems.

Lead X™ is our new invention that help our customers approach Lead Management from a 360-degree perspective.

Lead X™ help you update key CRM data real-time, and you increase the number of incoming leads to sales in a radical way. In addition, Lead X™ help you push the leads through the sales funnel in a precise and highspeed way.

With your voice you can update and perform sales activities on the fly. Sales has never been EASIER, and sales has never been more FUN. Lead X™ is also easy to install, and easy to scale.


We offer a PROFESSIONAL license to be used by employees or partners, that have the authority to follow through all stages in a sales process from Lead Capturing, through Lead Converting and finally to Lead Closing.

Examples of organizational silos that we recommend use the PROFESSIONAL license: Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Account Management, Project Management (with authority to sell).

Through Lead X™ your organization get a unique incentive system to motivate sales across organizational silos. You get a tool that ensure accurate handover of leads from non-sales representatives to sales.

Sales become FUN, and everyone in the organization becomes BETTER SELLERS.



We offer a BASIC license to be used by non-sales representatives in the organization.

It can become a powerful tool to involve a broader part of the organization in Lead Capturing. Examples of organizational silos that we recommend to use the BASIC license: Marketing, Delivery, Service, Support, Management, Administrative Staff.

With Lead X™ the company CEO can build a strong SALES CULTURE in the whole organization, and ensure KNOWLEDGE and INFO SHARING about the existing and prospective customers.


We offer a CHANNEL license to be used by channel partners, distributors and other strategic partners that have the authority to sell on your behalf. They are given the mandate to follow through all stages in a sales process from Lead Capturing, through Lead Converting and finally to Lead Closing.

The CHANNEL license may become a powerful tool for you to involve your channel sales resources in the day to day sales activities. Through an integration with your CRM system, you will get lead updates from your channels directly into your CRM pipeline.


LEAD X™ Pulse

When having a broader part of your organization use Lead X™ all Lead Management activities are registered real-time digitally. This gives management a powerful tool to measure performance, analyze and improve selected parts of the organization.

The Lead X™ Pulse give you an overview of all Lead Management activities – historically and future forecasts. It soon becomes the Sales Management Cockpit you want to enter as manager.

You can filter on department, product, region, industry and individual. Within these filters you will get real-time input on Leads Captured, the exact time for Lead Converting and Lead Closing.

We also offer ways of analyzing organizational behavior. We can measure the quality of cross-silo sales activities through both real-time digital measurements and manual research.

Explore Lead X™ and our unique concept
through our 2-hour free workshop:

Explore Lead Management 360™

Explore Lead X™ and our unique concept
through our 2-hour free workshop: